Things to Do before Leaving Your Current PL/SQL Job

Leaving your current job and joining a new company is not a joke to say the least. To be on the safer side, it is always better to have an exit plan in mind. No matter how much you prepare for a good career or how long you stay in a company, you can lose your job at any moment. Once you are fired from a company, making a list of all great works you did for the company is of no use.

There are countless people who are in a dilemma whether to continue with the job or not, especially in a field like PL SQL programming where the opportunities are so limited. But, don’t worry – you are not the only one in the race.

According to a study, most of the people leave their job because of minimal wage growth, lack of opportunities, long working hours or an unfriendly boss. Whatever may be the reason for walking out of the door, be prepared for the same well in advance when you plan to have one of the long-standing PL SQL Careers. And, you certainly need to be aware of the things you need to do, before leaving your job gracefully, and joining your next company to grow up the corporate ladder.

Here are the top five things that should be done before leaving your job in order to start a fresh career ahead.

  • Work on Your Resume

You need to update your resume because a polished resume with details about your PL SQL skill-set will attract an interviewer’s attention. Thus, it will be helpful to showcase not just your talent and experience, but you can make a great impact on interview, and increase your chances of getting hired manifolds.

  • Save Your Contacts

After leaving a job, it is always better to be in touch with your ex-colleagues because sometimes your contacts may show youthepath towards success. There are chances that in future you may meet a person from the previous company in a different industry.So,keeping a healthy relation may help you out in other ways too.

  • Talk to Your Boss

No matter for what reason you are leaving the current job, follow the procedure and inform the boss. Chances are there that your boss may come up with a counteroffer.Thus,you may carry on with the current job instead of looking out for a new one.

If you are ending on a good note, then there are chances that you could use your boss as a reference, which may help you land up with a good job because a previous boss’ recommendation always plays a vital role in getting a job, especially when you’re a PL SQL developer.

  • Have a Plan

Leaving a job is quite easy; it is a way towards cutting down your source of income. So, plan for a new job before quitting the current one. Have a concrete plan before taking the plunge, because there could be bad days when your next company might delay your joining date by a month or two, because PL SQL opportunities are very limited.

  • Collect Materials

As you are leaving the company, make a list of information and materials that you might need for the next job or for the future. Collect documents like performance appraisals, relieving letter, salary slips etc.

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